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I Love My Mom Quotes and Sayings | Mom Quotations Mom Greetings | Mom Message Mom Wishes

I Love My Mom Quotes and Sayings | Mom Quotations Mom Greetings | Mom Message Mom Wishes 

Happy Mothers day 2022 and WISHES TO MOM

Mom's wishes do not require originality, new words, fresh thoughts. Words for mother are stored in the memory of centuries. They have long been found in eternal concepts: love and gratitude. You can only express these words in your own voice, which your mother will not confuse with any other.Happy Mothers Day for the mums of Utah South Dakota New York Delaware Nebraska and all around the world.
Mothers are celebrating Friendship Day 2022 by sharing Friends quotes with images 

Wishes for Mom

Wishes For Mother IN VERSE

Mom, I wish you longevity!Live longer in this world, you,Remember that for me you are very dear,Honey and dear!Take care of yourself, and never be ill,Let the illness go away from you forever,Be healthy, I pray to God for you,And let the fate of your path be bright!

Mom, the most dear one,I want to live in love with you!To be loved,And violet you bloomed.So that you yourself loved,And the darkness will leave the heart,Happiness to you, dearWith all my soul I wish!

I wish mother of youth eternal,So that you are always carefree,Was beautiful, like the moon,And as an aspen, slender.So that you do not get better,To keep it slender,Beamed with the beauty of a gentle,And my heart was serene.I send you a spring,Drive out of life gray shadows,Smile and do not be sad,We always have flowers for joy!

I wish my mother a knockHealthy and vigorous,Greetings from the wind takeFresh and free.I also wish the grandchildren obedient,Good and not indifferent,To you they loved,And they made fun of pranks,So that you play with them joyfully,And on my soul so that it was sweet,To sing songs,And I wanted to live!

wishes for mother

Mummy, good to you and warmth!You are my very native person!To always be young,And she stayed like that forever.Be smiling and inviting,Let your voice be ringing!Loving will be hands,So that you do not know more boredom.

Spring to you in the soul, Mummy,Let Daddy love you,Let your garden be fruitful,And fortunately leads every bridge.Fulfillment to you of all desires,In the heart let no pain, suffering,Only let the joy settle in it,And your home shines with happiness.

happy mommy day

I wish the mother of the table generous,And breakfast is delicious, not poor,So that the wardrobe from the clothes pops,And dad wants you to miss.Let there be a pig in the barn,Do not hurt your back,Legs, arms or hand do not hurt,Like many years ago.Be fun and sweet,Clear-eyed, fast-winged.In your life, do not yawn,Never be depressed.

On the table with my motherLet it be bread,Let God protectsMamoul from the troubles.Angel let the next sit,He'll pat his little head,Soothe and comfort,And the grief will be taken by the goblin.In the forest, let the wild one take it away,And zaret in the dark more often!And that at mum eyesWere like the Goldilocks!

Mom Wishes IN PROSE

My dear! I do not know what to say more than what you're my mom! Therefore, I will go directly to the wishes! I wish to greet my father from work with a smile. Every day we receive flowers from him. Once in nine months a new grandson swing. And, as always, forgive us for mistakes!

Mummy! Let your children be smart and beautiful, successful and successful! Let your borscht never turn sour, and milk will not run away! Taxi drivers will be kind, places in motor transport are free, bank transfers without delays and doubled. The neighbors at the entrance are talkative, unhappy. Friends are loyal and cheerful! Live up to a hundred years and start counting from the beginning. Do not be ill or sad, do not sit too late at the TV. Put a kettle, wait for guests and bake pies!

mom greetings

Mama! When we walk together along the street, people around us think that we are sisters and young guys are approaching us. I wish you always look young and gorgeous. Let the lived years add to you only the wisdom of life (and not wrinkles) so that you can always help me with advice in a difficult situation.

You can easily and without hesitation wish anything close to a friend, your boyfriend, acquaintances ... But how to find out why you are smiling today is somehow sad, listen to me and nod absently. What are your thoughts, Mom? Even if I ask you, you will say to me kindly: "It's all right, my good!" And quietly sigh. You have fulfilled all your dreams for a long time, and if they are, then only children are concerned. What do you want, Mom? I wish you, beloved, so that whatever you want is fulfilled at the same moment!

My beloved "old lady"! You live your peaceful life, which is only overshadowed by our rare meetings. Mama! Do not try to understand me, do not. This will add to you only an extra headache. I do not often understand myself! Just know that I exist somewhere, breathe, I exist and think about you. Do not take on my own account my long silence. You are always in my heart. Just wait, that at any moment there will be a knock at the door and your prodigal son will finally return home!

wishes for mother's day

The first thing I saw in my life is your kind, loving face and sparkling eyes. I heard your voice before. You sang songs for me at night and told me tales before meeting me in this world! Our connection was not interrupted for a minute. If I have something hurts, you immediately call and ask about your health. If I have personal problems, you will certainly dial my number and say quietly: "Daughter, are you all right?" Something I can not sleep for a long time! And no matter how many times I had to be born again, I want only you to be my mother!

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