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Thoughtful Mother's Day Gifts From Daughter 2022 By Reddit

Happy Mothers's Day 2022!

Wishing mother happy Mother's Day should go without saying. Of course, a small gift for Mother's Day is always very well received. It doesn't always have to be the classic flowers. We have a large selection of exceptional Mother's Day gifts. Here are our top 5 gifts for mom.

gift for mom

Top 5 gift ideas for mom - the alternatives to flowers

1. Personal gift for mom

For Mother's Day we recommend a very personal gift: Our customizable gifts are just waiting to be decorated with your individual photo, dedication or engraving. Regardless of whether you want a cozy photo pillow or a stylish engraved bracelet, your mother will be happy to receive your personalized gift! Alternatively, a relaxing experience would be great. From floating to an extraordinary massage, there is also a suitable gift for your mother! 

2. Candy and Secco as a mom gift

Who doesn't like sweets? With sweet chocolates or pralines you can also inspire those who are not used to holidays for a festivity. A simple but always welcome gift variant is the chocolate set, which goes wonderfully with the theme "Everything for women" for the holiday. Real sweet tooth will look forward to this collection of milk chocolate. Alternatively, a nice drink is suitable - for example the Secco “from the heart”, which combines appreciation with drinking pleasure.

3. The card - Mother's Day greetings

You can also find the most classic of all Mother's Day gifts in the gift idea: the traditional gift card. Provided with a thematically appropriate print, you can give your mother a gift in your own words. With a beautiful poem written by you or with your own Mother's Day greetings, the card becomes an uncomplicated and yet personal gift.

4. Comfort - candles, scents and pillows for mom

A cozy home is essential for quality of life. What do you wish for your mother, if not a pleasant living environment? Candles, scents and pillows are an excellent gift for the idyll in the family home. Even a beautiful candle with the saying "Thank you for the best childhood" can provide great joy. Or a lovingly printed pillow with a heart as a motif and a personalized lettering. Relaxation from stressful everyday life as a mother promises a luxurious bath gift set, the oils of which make the time in the bathtub an experience for the senses.

5. Adventure vouchers for mom

Your mom already has enough stuff that stands around and dusty? How about an experience gift for Mother's Day? Regardless of whether your mom is adventurous, appreciates good food or needs relaxation, we have the right experience. To make this Mother's Day unforgettable!

Giving experiences for Mother's Day - Top 4 gifts

1. Relaxing experience vouchers for mom

Give your mom the ultimate relaxation this Mother's Day! Wellness packages or massages are guaranteed to give you wonderful hours in which you can completely escape the stress of everyday life.

2. Culinary experiences for Mother's Day

Your mother enjoys good food? Perfect - then give her a very special experience, such as a dinner in the dark, where she can concentrate entirely on her sense of taste. Wine tastings or an exceptional cooking course are also available, depending on your taste.

3. Exciting experiences for the adventurous mom

They are said to exist, the mothers who still love adrenaline and adventure. From laser tag to skydiving, this can be anything your mother likes. Maybe water skiing is a sport that you enjoy? Or would you like to try geocaching? Give her exciting hours, preferably together with you! shoot as a Mother's Day gift

Alternatively, you can give her a great photo shoot. Either only for your mother alone. She is the focus for a few hours and is allowed to play the model and also get great pictures. Or just give your mom a photo shoot with the whole family. With it you give great memories!

Where does Mother's Day come from?

The first celebrations are said to date back to ancient Greece, where solemn rituals were held in memory of Rhea, goddess of fertility and motherhood. Today's Mother's Day, however, has its roots in the United States, where Methodist Anna Maria Jarvis laid 500 white carnations for her own mother in 1907 on the day of her death. In a row, she fought for the introduction of the special event, which was then celebrated two years later in 45 different American countries. Since then, the holiday has been a fixed holiday and is celebrated in most countries in the world. Much like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day is also important economically.

When is Mother's Day?

In US, Mother's Day always takes place on the 2nd Sunday in May and has been very popular for years. On this day, all mothers are thanked, because let's be honest: they do great things!

Personalized pillow with photo:

personalize gifts for mom

A funny party snapshot of you and your best friend or a romantic picture of you and your sweetheart? The white cushion with a noble marble look is decorated with your favorite memory in the form of a cool Polaroid photo with caption . Below is the loving saying "The best memories are the ones we make together". If that's not a true proof of friendship or love?
The 40x40 cm pillow is made of polyester. The cover can be removed and washed so that the recipient can enjoy the gift for a long time. The pillow is a real eye-catcher on the sofa in the living room or in bed.
The customizable pillow is a unique gift for any occasion. In the future, the recipient will think of you and your shared memories every night before going to sleep.

Detailed information

Personalized pillow with photo polaroid design
  • Size: 40 x 40 cm
  • Material: Upper: 100% polyester, filling: 100% polyester
  • Removable cover (zipper) and washable at up to 40 ° C
Note: Please do not use special characters
Wooden puzzle with a personal photo
best mom gifts

If you are still looking for a fancy and personal gift for a very special occasion, this wooden puzzle is the right choice! Choose a beautiful, funny or romantic  photo  from your personal collection and have it printed on the puzzle. The photo is printed in rich colors and with a glossy surface on the stable wooden puzzle. It is then up to you whether you have the gift recipient puzzled yourself or whether you hand over the gift as a puzzle!
Surprise friends, relatives or your partner for the next celebration with this creative gift. Children are also very happy about the very personal fun. Puzzle everyone together and look forward to the result or let the main character of the day try their luck alone. And when the task is completed and the picture is ready, you have a great  memory  in your hands. An all-round successful gift that is sure to get a regular place!

Detailed information

Wooden puzzle with a personal photo
  • Puzzle with 96 pieces
  • Material: wood
  • Quality photo printing
  • Rich colors and shiny surface
  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 25 cm

Did not find the right thing yet? Find more gifts for women here .

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