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Although Mother's Day repeats itself every year, it is not remembered by everyone. What to do if you forget Mother's Day? There are some strategies that can help you out of trouble. We shall give you the best excuses and last-minute gift ideas on the situation when you," forgot mother's day what can i do?"

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Forget Mother's Day: This emergency plan will save you

Advertising and calendars actually remind everyone not to forget Mother's Day. But sometimes it happens unintentionally and panic breaks out . What now? Mutti is definitely angry. An emergency plan is needed. Important: Take a deep breath and swallow the panic. Then it's best to pick up the phone and call mom . Play with open cards and show that you are genuinely sorry .
Also keep in mind that mothers have forgiven their children for completely different things. In addition to an apology, you should also have a proposal for reparation ready. How about, for example, if you fancy taking your mother out to dinner in the next few days or planning another activity together? But the initiative should come from you .

What to do? The best gift ideas on the last minute

Did you forget Mother's Day but still a little time? Then you should be at the door with a gift as soon as possible. Even if you only have a few minutes for a decent visit , a cake for Mother's Day  or a nice card with a voucher are not only quickly organized, but also great gift ideas . However, if you are still wondering "What to give?", There are other last-minute tips :

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With flowers or chocolates you can make every mother happy. They can also be quickly obtained at the petrol station on Sundays.
Flowers are a real classic, for example. If the florist has closed, there is usually also a bouquet of roses at larger petrol stations . There you can also get delicious chocolates and a bottle of sparkling wine. You can also try to reserve a table in your mother's favorite restaurant With luck, there is still a place for you and nothing stands in the way of the spontaneous dinner. Mama will surely be happy about that.

With these excuses you can pull yourself out of the affair

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To save your mother from grief and pain because you have forgotten Mother's Day, you can also make an excuse.

Sometimes the answer to the question "What to do?" Is also: In order not to hurt your mother's feelings - for example because you have forgotten Mother's Day for the second year in a row - you need a few good excuses . So you don't have to admit your mistake. Would you like an example? If you want to apply large orders, the following excuse is suitable:
"I have not forgotten Mother's Day, on the contrary, I have thought of all mothers who are not as well as you and have made a strong donation to the mother's work of recovery."
Or a little more realistic: "I ordered flowers for you, didn't they arrive?"
A real classic that every mother has probably heard before is this saying: “Do you even know that Mother's Day was invented here by the Association of German Flower Shop Owners? So if I want to give you flowers, I can do it every day. ”But you should do that too.
But it is also good: “Do you know why I forgot Mother's Day? I was thinking about the big surprise for your next birthday all the time. ”
Conclusion: Sometimes an excuse can be very helpful if you have forgotten Mother's Day. But beware! Always remember that your mother has known you all your life and therefore knows when you are lying. It is better to put the cards on the table and apologize with a great gift idea.

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